• wonderful rice
    wonderful rice
  • Health porridge
    Health porridge
  • Our New Home
    Our New Home
  • Our Family
    Our Family
    We are here to help children.
  • Christmass gifts from Good Samaritan
    Christmass gifts from Good Samaritan
    We are here to help children.
  • House entering Day
    House entering Day
    We are here to help children.

How can you help

For as little as $1 per day you can feed a child 3 meals a day. And $ 30 per month, you can feed a child 3 meals for a month.

welcome to Heavenly City  Child Care Ministry

we are here to raising a godily generation.



Our Journey

Heavenly city child care ministry's the realization of my dream to care for orphaned children. After telling my Grand Mother about opening our house to some orphaned children, she agreed to support my dream. So we created a space in our home to share what we have with the orphaned children

My desire to care for orphans, and emergency relief to the poorest of the poor around world in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ for the less fortunate started from when I was a young boy. Being brought up in a slum by a single parent, I witnessed how children were suffering after being abandoned by their parents due to excess drinking, poverty, wars and HIV AIDS orphans who were left destitute after the death of their parents. I felt in my heart that all the hurting children should be taken care of by the government, yet nobody cared about them. It is because of this situation that I vowed in my heart that if I get a job in future and have my own house, I would not live to see a child suffer after losing parents but would accommodate and live with them.

Therefore after I got my house in 2007 and the AIDS pandemic was the talk of the day, children were left orphaned all over, my heart was yearning with passion to accommodate all of them in order to relief them from suffering. This is what motivated me to start an orphanage, to at least help some of them.
Therefore I made up my mind to take up a 4 year old girl from our village whose parents both died within a short space of time and no relatives were willing to care for her. .....read more


Since a long period of time we tried to figure out how we could provide the children with clean drinking water. Since a borehole would have been too expensive in construction we decided to buy a huge water tank .
Now we have the beds where kids can sleep and blankets, mosquito nets kids can sleep safely. A good night rest helps the children perform well in their day to day activities.
These comfortable help the kids sleep. No back pain. A good night rest helps the children perform well in their day to day activities .
We glad say to through our partner's funding like you, we able to feed these kids daily. We are dedicated to feeding these kids with good food daily.
As heavenly city Child Ministry we thank Good Samaritan Ministry for helping us fulfill our Christmas Gift Project. Their love and compassion is truly Heavenly sent.